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Keeping Your Carpet Clean

We have to admit that carpet cleaning is something not too many people think about. Realistically, it’s not uncommon for carpets to go uncleaned until such time as we are expecting company to visit for a big party or during the holidays. You probably think that only a guy, living alone, would be guilty of such neglect of his carpets. Be that as it may, everyone needs to give their carpets some attention from time to time throughout the year. Of course, you don’t have to shampoo your carpets monthly, but you really do need to vacuum on a weekly basis. If you are not in the habit of regular vacuuming, then do yourself and your carpet a favor and get with the program.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

The first step towards cleaner carpets is to vacuum thoroughly every week. Your situation will determine what else you need to do besides vacuuming weekly. That is the very least that is necessary to keep your carpets clean. This regularly scheduled vacuuming is a good way to keep the dirt and dust that you can’t readily see vacuumed up. The more time between vacuuming, the more time all that dirt is rubbed into your carpet pile. That is really what you want to prevent because that makes the dirt even harder to remove. The high traffic areas of your carpet will benefit by a spot vacuuming each day.

Carpet Maintainance with House Pets

Housepets can be a real challenge when it comes to carpet stains, especially if the stain is due to urine. Fast action is the key to successful removal of pet stains to prevent the urine from soaking the carpet fibers and drying. However, sometimes quick action isn’t possible if you aren’t there when it happens. There are many products available for removing pet stains and most folks have found that the enzyme-based products work the best. There is a very effective home-remedy you can find online that uses baking soda and peroxide.

It’s not unusual for folks to dismiss the importance of caring for their carpets regularly. Your health can be negatively impacted if your carpets are not kept clean. Sometimes, you may check your carpet and, if you don’t see any obvious dirt, you decide not to vacuum. This is not a good idea because, as we mentioned before, most of the dirt in your carpet isn’t obvious. We humans tend to respond to what is visible, and if it is out of sight it is out of mind We assume if we don’t see obvious dirt on our rugs, that they are OK and we can vacuum another time. However, how your carpet appears can be deceptive, so it’s still a good idea to do your weekly vacuuming and, if you can, vacuum twice each week.

We think much about carpet cleaning is common sense, and you just need to think about what is really going on with your carpeting. It’s true, cleaning carpets is not the most exciting subject; however, if you want to extend the life of your carpets and protect your health, you will take the time to set up a cleaning routine. The way to make your carpets are easier to clean, and to maintain their cleanliness, is to make sure you thoroughly vacuum them one or more times each and every week.

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